Our Mission Statement

The Core Program's mission is to meet the growing need for prevention, education and intervention for the general public and provide alternative sentencing sanctions for the criminal justice population in the 19th Judicial Circuit. It is our mission to network with community agencies to assist with the provision of Probation Services and Intervention/Court-related services in a cooperative, cohesive system. The focus of our efforts is to reduce crime, violence and substance abuse from our community.

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The Comprehensive Offender Rehabilitation and Education Program frequently referred to as CORE was established in 1973 as a DUI course provider. Over the years the program grew into more comprehensive services including the DUI classes, evaluations, probation, traffic safety courses and other programs as needed by the Courts and the community. CORE provides multifaceted services in the 19th Judicial Circuit as well as on-line courses in traffic safety and family education.

Organizational Structure

CORE operates as a nonprofit organization with a criminal justice oversight Board of Directors composed of committed individuals from law enforcement, Clerks of the Court, Office of the State Attorney, Office of the Public Defender and other qualified representatives of the community.

Fee Supported

CORE is operated as a fee-supported program, generating operating capital from student registration fees and cost of probation supervision fees versus receiving funding from the State, Federal or local governments. Unlike many other programs that receive funds from the state and county, uniquely, CORE disperses funds to the State of Florida from the traffic law and substance abuse course required for first time drivers and from DUI registration fees.


CORE contracts with the counties for probation services. CORE provides DUI services inthe supervision and licensing of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. CORE also provides substance abuse intervention services under the supervision and licensing of the Department of Children and Family Services. Both DHSMV and DCF conduct on-site licensing reviews annually. CORE undergoes a complete, comprehensive financial audit of all components annually.